I don’t usually post midweek, or, at lest I don’t think I usually post midweek, but I’m excited, so I’m breaking my own rule. We got our very own Vitamix today. We saw it at The Seed, A Vegan Experience, in New York, and kind of fell in love, so we had to have one. We kind of expect it to replace our blender and two food processors.


We got a lot of stuff with it.

Two cook books, one for whole grains and dry ingredients, and one for everything else.

The cat, however, remains unimpressed with the VItamix itself

Can’t thank the folks at The Seed enough, especially Erin Red and JL Fields for running the Seed and for helping me get this mess of a blog on its still young feet.

Much, much more coming late Saturday or early Sunday.


~ by VegansHusband on July 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “Vitamix!”

  1. You are going to love it!! I’ve had a Vitamix for at least a year now, probably longer and it works so great. It works so much better than a regular blender, so yea you won’t need your old one anymore. I use mainly to make smoothies, but it is great for many things. I still use my food processor since I don’t have the flour attachment for the vitamix though. Hope you enjoy it!!

  2. Yay! I have the blendtec (similar high estrogen blender) got it in January. It has a counter on it that says I have used it nearly 500 times since then. You are gonna get a lot of use out of that baby! Happy blending!

    • I prefer to think of my Vitamix as a high testosterone blender, but, you know, whichever! A counter would be pretty cool, as I’m already up to 4, and it’s only been 23 hours…

      • my bad! Vitamix/Testosterone, Blendtec/Estrogen! Hehe. Hence the counter, it’s gotta be female!

        4 in 23 hours…. sweet.

  3. […] though, we got our Vitamix.  We were, and remain, […]

  4. Oh, wow, game changer! I cant’ wait to see what you create in that Vitamix! I’m LOL at the cat picture – we have two and they are always impressed with the boxes and never impressed with the contents! 😉

    • Yeah, we caved at The Seed and picked one up. We’re up to 5 uses in 30 hours, so, you know, we’re due for another for dessert tonight!

      And the cat, yeah, he’s pretty much only impressed with boxes, food, and houseplants. Especially when they’re up high…

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