Apparently you like me. . .

So, I popped onto my blog only to find that Bites of Happiness apparently finds me inspiring.  See, that’s kind of cool, because I’m generally pretty much a jerk in real life, but on here I can let all of my niceness out pretty anonymously. . .  So, here is how this is going to go:

First I want to thank who nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award.  She’s cool people, and her blog about becoming vegan is way more inspiring than mine.

Inspiring Blog Award

The rules for the “Inspiring Blog Award”:

*  Thank the person who nominated you.
*  Tell 7 things about you that will not come up in your blog entries.
*  Pass this on to 15 other bloggers that you find inspiring.

I want to thank for the nomination. I just started The Vegan’s Husband, and, to be honest, I was only not-vegan for about a week, and maybe my first post, before I finished my transition.

Now, you will find out Seven things about me that probably I won’t mention in my future blog posts:

1. I am Catholic (which I might mention) but I take my faith extremely seriously.

2. I’m an extremely religious Democrat. This isn’t a political blog, so I don’t want to talk politics.

3. I’m 33 years old, but I work hard at being immature.

4. My favorite band all time is Pearl Jam.

5. I lost almost 100 lbs, but not from going vegan, from stopping drinking all the time, once I left college.

6. The blonde and I met in college, both as theatre majors.

7. I have Restless Leg Syndrome, which keeps me up about 1 night in 15. I hope going vegan helps, but I’m not optimistic.

So there you go.  and, as I was nominated, I need to nominate 15 others for Inspiring Blog Awards:

1. Good Clean Food

2. Chocolate Covered Katie

3. JL Goes Vegan and Other Musings

4. Erin Red / Easy Like Sunday Morning

5. The High Impact Vegan

6. Save the Kales

7. Jason and the Veganauts

8. msalys (She quit smoking!)

9. at350degrees (warning, not vegan, but I love sweets!)


11. oneanna65

12. Domestic Diva, M.D.

13. Our Hen House

14. The Vegan Dad

15. Choosing Raw

For everyone else, I thought I’d put up my dinner from last night:

Roasted golden and red beets, quinoa, and green beans. Simple, straightforward, and easy after a hard day of sitting on my tail.

The tricks, are to let the quinoa cook for 2 minutes less than normal, and then let it sit, off the heat, for 5 before serving, and when roasting the beets, 20 min at 425, and then 20 min at 405. Turn the heat down to ensure that they don’t burn and that all the sugars get trapped inside them.

Don’t over roast your veggies!

Green beans are green beans. We steam them in the microwave usually, so no nutrients are lost in the steamer water.

All of this having been said, two questions:

1. Which blogs get your motor humming?

2. What is your zero-effort dinner, when you have a bit of time to relax?

P.S. Don’t get used to me posting on Tuesdays. I’m toying with Wednesdays and Sundays, but probably not more often than that.


~ by VegansHusband on July 24, 2012.

13 Responses to “Apparently you like me. . .”

  1. Wooo..I love seeing new blogs on your 15 blogs nomination.I want to check all of them out and sir, you are inspiring.

    • Thank you so much, and I hope that I continue to be inspiring to anyone at all. I hope that you enjoy at least some of these blogs that you’re not familiar with.

  2. I think you are inspiring! And I think you’re very nice for including me in this list! Thank you!

  3. =D let your niceness out anonymously… I like that!

  4. Dude, of course we like you! Thanks for the award dude! I get behind because I only have 2 posting days a week, but I’ll do a little featurette for you in August! I lost a 100 lbs too, but not with a vegan diet either. Radical.

    I may have an answer for your restless leg syndrome, I’m gonna do some research (for reals, I have a friend who had it and doesn’t anymore, she used to wear holes in her sheets at night!)

    • You’re my hero. I want to be you when I grow up. Except for the being a girl. And having kids. And living way to the west of here. And maybe being older than I am, if you are, but if not, they I’m totally down with being younger too. . .

      Either way, you rock!

      • You’re just a year younger than me 🙂 Laughing my butt off about the other stuff! Thanks! #veganworship

      • Bragged about you on twitter just now too. Cause you deserve it. . . #veganworship is right!

      • Aw shucks! I’ll have to check it out, I’m old school and not on twitter or facebook, but I think I can still peek at it! Thanks!!!

      • Saw it! Loved it! See, Mormons and Catholics can be friends, especially if they’re both Democrats! (I’m called the vegan-Obama lover around these parts, and it’s not an endearing term) my neighbors think I’m whacked! Come election time I think people will be picketing my yard I don’t vote for the Mormon president. Shhh 😉

  5. […] on 7/25, but because I ended up publishing  an entry about how incredibly inspiring  I am (look here), I pushed it back one day. Like I said on Tuesday, don’t get used to this. Sunday, and I […]

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