A Weekend in NY, part 1

As you may be aware by now, this past weekend, The High Impact Vegan (called the Veg hereafter), her husband, the blonde, and I went to New York to try out a few new places to fill our bellies. If you follow me on Twitter (@veganshusband) then you know that it was awesome. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you didn’t know that until just now.

Coming from the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, getting to Manhattan is incredibly easy, and we chose to take the bus this time. On the BoltBus, the trip took about 3:45, and once we got off, it was a mad dash to make the Cinnamon Snail. They were parked on the corner of 47th St. and Madison Ave., and were leaving at 3:00. We got off the bus at about 2:25, and had about a 30 minute fast-walk to get to the best lunch truck in New York. The girls set the pace, and the four of us arrived at about 2:50, holding the Snail in place until about 3:15, whereupon they gave us free donuts! 

Now, the food at the Cinnamon Snail is. . . I suppose the technical term is “ridiculous.” For it to be better, they would need tables and chairs. One of the important things that you have to understand about the four of us and why we went away together, is that we all enjoy sharing our food. Not all of it, mind you, but none of us are opposed to offering a bit of our this in exchange for a bit of your that.

Disappointingly, the Snail was out of bread, so we each got our lunch in a wrap.

The blonde and the Veg’s husband’s wraps

My and the Veg’s wraps

These may not look like much at first, but. . .  

Wow. . .

The blonde and I had eaten at the Cinnamon Snail once before, so we both tried their specials, while the Veg and her her husband got things off of the menu. I had the “Lemongrass and 5 Spiced Seitan with Szechuan chili sauce, curried cashews, greens, and wasabi mayonnaise.” It melted my brain. There was a tang to it (I assume from the chili sauce and wasabi) that set off the sweetness of the sauce that I kept licking off my fingers. The kale had been marinated, massaged, or sauteed, and so was broken down enough that it was bright green, and not too tough. I’m not usually a fan of raw kale, and, to be honest, I was far too excited about eating their food to ask abut preparation techniques.

The blonde’s wrap was a maple hickory barbecue seitan, with the added benefit of being too much for her to finish. What was I supposed to do? Not eat what she couldn’t finish? Don’t judge me. . .


For dessert, we got, not counting the 6 free doughnuts, a peanut butter blondie and a maple glazed doughnut with toasted coconut.

This what was left after our 20 minutes of, as the Veg called them, “vegan NOMs!”  

With this to start our trip, how could we possibly not have an awesome time? We hoofed it over to our hotel, CassaNY hotel on 45th St. The pictures on their website actually do the place justice. The rooms were cozy, without feeling even a little bit cramped, and beautifully and simply decorated. My only complaint walking in was the wall of leather acting as a headboard. They kind of made up for it by offering, in the room above the minibar, Sir Richard’s Condoms. (Have you not heard of these? Vegan certified and made by a company whose mission is to improve the world)

Dinner at the end of day one was at the Natural Gourmet Institute, where they serve a specialty vegetarian dinner every Friday night. Dinner was awesome, but that is for part 2. . .


~ by VegansHusband on August 1, 2012.

7 Responses to “A Weekend in NY, part 1”

  1. The bus connection from DC to NYC is great – I used to go quite often when I still lived in the DC area. Everyone seems to go to NY right now, I am kind of jealous 😉

    • I grew up just outside of NYC, so I still tend to think of it as the center of the world. . . Arrogant, I know, but what can I do?

      As for your jealousy, why not just visit, and stuff yourself with awesome vegan food?

      • I’d love to… but right now, I am not even living on the same continent so… no short term visit for me right now. Maybe next year?

      • That would keep you from visiting short-term. Maybe you need to make a long vacation of it, you know NYC, Philly, DC. Lots of good food on the Eastern Seaboard. . .

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