Beer, beer, beer, beer, and beer…

Noticing a trend?

To commemorate the end of summer and the beginning of school, I have decided to do a series of vegan beer reviews. With the help of, I will be drinking far too much vegan beer (is that possible?), and you get to hear about it. In order to drink this much, I will be visiting three establishments:

First, I will sample many beers on the menu at Great Sage, the vegan restaurant nearby that the blonde and I love.

Second, there is a liquor store exactly one block from my house, that has started carrying vegan wines for the blonde and I, and now I’ll push them to carry vegan beers.

Third, a tad farther from my house is a “Total Wine” warehouse. I say warehouse because it is about 1/3 the size of a Home Depot, and so calling it a liquor store doesn’t really do it justice.

To open, I’m going to review an easy beer, and one that I didn’t even realize was vegan: Corona Extra.Corona Extra Beer, Beer, Corona, lime, summer beer

Corona, in the clear bottle, is a beer that is easy drinking, almost to a fault. Realizing that a clear bottle offers little to no protection from light, it’s easy to let Corona skunk quickly. However, Corona’s light color is indicative of its light flavor, and the beer itself almost threatens to taste flat, until the addition of the celebrated lime wedge.

The addition of the lime wedge gives a real pop of acidity and sweetness at the first taste, but then, as long as the lime is kept in the bottle, that same acidity and sweetness filters through the rest of the bottle, filling out the flavors of the beer, and providing it with a nice, clean finish.

Many people don’t do this, but if I am drinking Corona outside, I will stick my finger in the bottle, and turn it upside down, letting the lime wedge float to the top (bottom?) of the bottle, so that it is not stuck in the bottleneck. This helps the lime flavor fill through the rest of the beer.

As summer beers go, Corona is a great “lawnmower,” or hot-day-in-the-sun-by-the-pool beer. Be aware that the easy-drinking beer is far too easy to transition from refreshing and cool beer, to drunk, exactly because of how easily they go down.  Be careful!

Like I said, Corona is a safe, easy drinking beer, and it happens to be the only beer that I can consistently get out of my brother-in-law’s fridge. He isn’t a beer drinker, so a case at hsi house will skunk long before it will get drunk. What can I say, I feel responsible for helping him not waste beer.

Is that wrong?

Have you been to barnivore before, and if so, what is your favorite vegan beer or wine?

If not, how do you keep an eye on vegan drinking?


~ by VegansHusband on August 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Beer, beer, beer, beer, and beer…”

  1. Yes, love Just used it this last week to check what beers in cans I could buy to take with us to a music festival this weekend! Corona is a great beer 🙂 (We bought Carlsberg Export in the end)

  2. I had no idea Corona was vegan! Yay hahaha!

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