A Different Sort of Curl

You may have noticed that I didn’t post last Sunday. I was away with the in-laws on a day-trip canoeing, and, well, if you’ve ever tried to type while canoeing, you know that it cannot help but end poorly.

Canoe, DownRiver Canoes, down river, canoe rental, Shenandoah river

Notice I’m rowing, and the Blonde is. . . doing something else.

Canoe, DownRiver Canoes, down river, canoe rental, Shenandoah river

See me still rowing, and the Blonde still. . . not?

I just chose not to try.

Yesterday, the Blonde and I, with Jason and his wife, from the High Impact Vegan, went for a bike ride. A forty-mile bike ride. The last time I rode that far was… well, never.

Before that this weekend, however, something wonderful has happened. See, despite Somer, over at Vedged Out, trying to steal my thunder by giving away bags of Butler’s Soy Curls.

Butler's Soy Curls, Soy Curls, Butler foods, veged out soy curl giveaway, curls,

Go see what Somer made with her soy curls. Then come back here and finish reading. It’s cool, I’ll wait.

Curls were exactly my idea for today, because curling season has started in the great state of Maryland!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I take part in the great sport of curling, the “roaring game,” you know, that “other” Scottish sport. The one with the brooms.

On Friday nights, I pack up my non-vegan curling shoes (I’m looking for faux leather alternatives), grab my warm clothes, and head for the National Capitol Curling Center, home of the Potomac Curling Club, the second southern-most curling club with its own ice in the country. (Every club to the south of us save one plays on a skating rink.)

So,what does this have to do with being vegan? Very little. What does it have to do with being a guy? Quite a bit.

Curling, for those of you who don’t know, is awesome. Everyone throws stones, which weigh anywhere from 38 – 44 pounds,  and are made from granite, exclusively. There are synthetic alternatives, but they suck.

Curling, Stones, Granite, on the button, in the house,

Curling stones are always two different colors, so we know who is winning.

It is played completely on ice, but much warmer ice than hockey, and players wear special shoes, no skates. When delivering, we wear one rubber soled shoe, and one Teflon soled shoe. Think about that for a moment. A shoe, with a Teflon sole, on ice.

Olson, Balance Plus, Asham, curling, curling shoes, gripper, slider, Ole Lime,

I bought these shoes specifically because they had green, and everyone else’s were all black.

Needless to say new curlers spend no shortage of time on our tails.

Curling is all over the country also. These two maps (here and here) tell you where clubs are, and why kind of ice they play on, or if they’re actually playing at all. Some clubs are just a group of people trying to get to curl.

So I curl, and I’m pretty good. Not great, but good.

Curling, curling stone, delivery, throwing a stone, slider, gripper, hack, house, Potomac Curling Club, Big Spiel, bonspiel, Washington D.C. curling

I can throw a stone and not fall, which is awesome.

Curling, Potomac Curling Club, Washington D.C. curling, Maryand Curling, Big Spiel, bonspiel, sweeping, broom, brush, gripper, slider, curling stone

And I rarely fall while running down the ice sweeping either.

After the game, we sit around and are social, we drink too much, and we have a hell of a time relaxing together until next week. I curl other nights, and some of those games have a more competitive atmosphere, but over all, I go for the fun. And when I have a bad game, well, the winners buy drinks for the. . . team that comes in second. Because well, if you’re hanging out and drinking for free, can you really be a “loser?”

What do you do? What is your “me-time?”


~ by VegansHusband on October 21, 2012.

7 Responses to “A Different Sort of Curl”

  1. Sorry, I think your curling, and latest photo of hair curls (are you sure you aren’t Scott Jurek in a witness recovery program, because I think you stole his hair) are more awesome than the soy curls. Didn’t mean to steal your thunder because, you win!

    • Well, it WAS witness protection, but now I have to move again… When I read this, for just a min, I thought I won another of your contests!

      Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to make the ones I already have. Have you used them in chili yet?

      • Still didn’t make the chili, I have to bring one to a church function tonight, but I’m so busy this week I might not blog about it unless it is utterly fantastic.

        Blast, sorry to out you…

  2. […] the ‘other’ Scottish sport, is a sort built on socializing and enjoying yourself. (I discussed this once before, at the very beginning of the curling […]

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