Beer Wednesday – Yuengling Lager

Happy Beer Wednesday! This week, to celebrate the first week of the Christmas season, and to try to cope with the first post-Thanksgiving week, I decided to enjoy one of my first favorite beers, Yuengling’s traditional lager.

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Yuengling brewery is the nation’s oldest brewery, and as such, one would expect them to have some really wonderful beers, and you would not be disappointed.

Yuengling lager is an inexpensive, easy-drinking lager that is a favorite of many college students across Pennsylvania, especially Central Pennsylvania, where the Blonde and I went to college. With its golden color and smooth, bubbly head, this extremely session-able beer is one that I will remember for a long time, but more for what it meant in college than for how it tastes.

Walk into any bar in PA and order a “lager”and you’ll get a Yuengling for incredibly inexpensive. For the price, this beer is session-able and very enjoyable, having a smooth, relaxed finish, but an easy, comfortable mouth-feel, if maybe a but thin for my tastes at this point.

All of this doesn’t mean I love this beer any less. The ability to drink a few of these and still stay on my feet is a wonderful thing, not to mention the memories of younger days, well, I guess I just only have good things to say about this beer.

For those of you who live west of the Mississippi and can’t get a hold of this smooth American original, it reminds me of Fat Tire, if that makes any sense, just with a lighter flavor.

Regardless, enjoy this beer, and since I got a bunch from my mother after Thanksgiving, I certainly plan to!


~ by VegansHusband on November 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Beer Wednesday – Yuengling Lager”

  1. Yuengling is awesome, you twisted my arm, I will have one today! cheers!

  2. Every time I visit the east coast I tend to grab one of these. Definitely good memories involved with that beer.

  3. […] drinker. If you’re looking for something to swill at a similar price point, I would go with Yuengling lager, or Magic Hat […]

  4. […] While this might be better from an ice-cold bottle on the street, with a slice of vegan pizza in my other hand, as it was poured in my glass, I have to give it a 2/6 on my six-pack scale. All told, I’d rather drink Yuengling. […]

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