Where’ve you been?!

So, first, I want to deeply apologize for being a slacker. I know, I know, You all totally understand, I have a non-electronic life, and, how could you possibly not sympathize, even if you have been tearing up over the thought of a world where I miss not one, but TWO days of posting, and nearly a whole week.

How would we all survive without my amazing food and beer suggestions? (In fact, I’m a little teary just thinking about it now. . .)

Leaving that aside, I wonder, what has happened in the past two weeks that I haven’t had the time to pontificate upon?  Hmmmm. . .

image courtesy of Serious Eats

Well, Ellen DeGeneres admits that she eats eggs, as long as they’re from her neighbor’s happy backyard chickens. (Apparently it’s spelled “v-egg-an.” Who knew?)

Our Hen House was roundly panned for publicly scolding Ellen for eating said eggs. (Go ahead, tell me about how much you don’t like listening to them every week, without missing a podcast. Ever.)

I found out that Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, NJ, is a vegetarian. (Good thing Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t have any meat in it.)

J.L. Fields, of JL Goes Vegan) moved to Colorado. (Just a month after Colorado legalizes recreational marijuana. . . Coincidence? I think not. . .)

The Blonde and I have smartphones, and are actually figuring out the appropriate way to use them! (I know, I know, its the 21st Century. I just like my flip phone so much. . .)

We went out to Great Sage. . . Again. (and again after that. Don’t judge me.)(BTW, my guest post for them is still on the front page. Just sayin’.)

I’m still craving chili. (In no way news. Just sayin’ again.)

My students are killing me. (I am contractually obligated to end that rant there. And not to say any more. Against my better judgement. . .)

(Wait, when did this become just me whining about my past two weeks?)

Ok, enough not-news, because it really is just a half-step from there to me nerding out. I’ve been missing the time to commit to sitting down in front of my computer to write a worth-while post. I hammered out probably three terrible ones in the past ten days or so, but I figured I wouldn’t subject you to them. I just hit these stretches where I don’t really know what to post  about. In the past, I always had a few posts started and could wrap them up neatly just in time for my personally imposed deadline of Sunday morning at 9:00, but this past week, well, not so much. . .

As an apology, I figure, I’ll just debase myself and hope that you laugh at me while I do it. I mean, laughing at me always makes me feel better. I’d also love some feedback on where I should be going with my posts on Sundays. I have a few ideas, but I’m hoping to get opinions from readers before I start making changes. I plan to keep my Wednesdays devoted to beer, unless I toss in the occasional wine or hard liquor day, but for the most part, it will stay beer, and I have no intention of upgrading my Fridays from haiku to any other type of poetry. Haiku are deceptively difficult, and I enjoy writing them (my coworkers say I’m “pithy.” Wait, that wasn’t supposed to be funny. . .)

So really, what I’m looking for is some direction to take my Sunday posts. I have a bunch of recipes up from Sundays, and a few days of discussion about, well, often nothing. Next Sunday I have a product review planned, but nothing special beyond that yet.

So let me know, what would you like to see more of? Food? Recipes? Stories? ‘Guy’ stuff? I’m all ears!


~ by VegansHusband on December 9, 2012.

10 Responses to “Where’ve you been?!”

  1. So, you figure out why I moved! Busted! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re going to keep the beer posts (I like wine, too!). Sometimes structure is good but sometimes it’s limited. How about a miscellaneous Sunday? It could be restaurant reviews, recipes, rants, etc?

    • I still plan on keeping my Sundays as “whatever I want” Sundays, but I’m just looking for a little guidance, as I’m thinking of directing my posts more at guys leaning vegan and women trying to get their guys to think about it. I just don’t want to alienate superstars like you and Somer who have been around for six months, you know?

  2. We are always looking for good recipes, so I always enjoy that!

  3. Have you had a chance to try my crock pot chili yet? I swear its super easy and really quite good (Not very humble of me, but hey I LOVED meat filled chili, so I consider myself a fair judge.) Also as far as Sunday’s go, I like either the guys thoughts, or the recipes. I mean who can’t get enough food porn. 🙂

    • I haven’t had your chili yet. I have to find a weekend where I don’t have anything going on first. And as soon as I find one, you can be sure the Blonde will find something for me to do!
      Thanks for the feedback though.

  4. I would (for one) like to see more about the challenges you faced regarding transitioning into being vegan. Specifically meat-eating into vegetarian. Maybe more product comparisons to their meat-eating variety from what you recall? I asked the Blonde recently what “hot dogs” you preferred (if you eat anything like that anymore) as I still recall the night from Romeo and Juliet where you were participant in a Sheetz run for the ickiest-looking chili dog I had ever seen. I may in the future really give this thing a shot.

  5. I have to admit I was the slightest bit disappointed by Ellen’s admission, not that I really care what she does as a person, but she is an example to so many and others don’t have access to the kind of eggs she is getting but because she justifies it, they will too. Blast. Still love her though.

    • Yeah,I feel like it’s just that though: a justification. If she really was that actively concerned about the impact of her actions, she would have done the research on how chickens are raised.

      Meh. Again, kinda whatever…

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