Seriously? What the Hell?

The Blonde and I have family in Delaware, as you may recall from an earlier post, and we took a little trip out to visit this weekend.

Have a little fun, spend time with the fam, “force” them to eat a good vegan meal. It’ll be a ball.

As we drove out, though, we stpped behind a truck at a red light. No big deal, there are lots of trucks on the highway.

As we sat behind this truck, though, we noticed the back of the truck occasionally seemed to, well, move. Not like the back of a truck opening, like a pick-up truck, but more like a little ripple across the truck itself.

It took us both about 45 seconds to realize that the roles we were seeing we not a trick of the light, but instead a truck-load full of chickens.

The truck had to be 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide, and as we passed it, annoyed and disgusted, we watched feathers flutter out of it.

The whole 30 – 45 feet of it.

And so, I’m left to ask the question, “What the hell, Delaware?”

I know that Delaware is the “chicken capital of America,” but even still, do we really need that many chickens? Really? The truck was driving right there on the major highway, and so I know that it happens all the time, but even still…

The Blonde was way more affected by the chickens than I was at the time, but what really got me was the feathers.

See, as the feathers fell, they sort of just blew past us on the wind. They didn’t flutter. They didn’t fall. In fact, there was very little about them that seemed symbolic at the time. The only thing that seemed like it mattered was that they were blowing away.

The feathers just didn’t matter.

Apparently, neither do the chickens…

Thankfully, we were in Delaware to un-evil the state a little bit with our vegan-osity and awesomeness.

We started in Rehoboth Beach and got cupcakes at Cake Break, a bakery with a few vegan options. The Blonde thought they were awesome, I thought they were good, but not great. The cakes themselves were terrific, but I thought the icing left a bit to be desired.

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We followed the cupcakes with returning to the in-laws house to start cooking. The Blonde made cupcakes and I made a double recipe of Vegan Meat-Lovers’ Pizza Casserole, courtesy of Meet the Shannons and their new cookbook “Betty Goes Vegan.”

The doubled recipe made a ton of food, three full casserole dishes instead of two. Enough for all 7 adults, with some for the kids (even though they aren’t vegan), and leftovers for three of us.

Vegan Meat Lover's Casserole, Meet the Shannons, Betty Goes Vegan, Vegan pizza casserole, meat lover's, meat lovers

Now, not everyone loved the casserole, but it was pretty good. The real issue, for me, was the Tofurky Italian sausage and Lightlife vegan pepperoni. Both of these products tasted good, but they weren’t great. Regardless, it was good, and we ended up with a whole casserole dish left over to bring home.

As we were on our way back to make dinner, however, we stopped at a local natural food store, the Good Earth Cafe, in Dagsboro. They recently expanded, and when we got there, as if the world knew what we needed, four chickens came strolling up to us.

chicken, chickens, hens, hen, free-range chicken, free-range hen, Good Eath

The chickens were just pecking around, and when we came out of the store, they were gone, but it did sort of refresh us after the nightmare we saw on our way down. It was, thankfully, the right way to end our trip, but I remain left asking “Is this how we want anything on the planet to live? Shouldn’t we hope everything lives better than that? I mean, seriously, what the hell?”

<Programming note: I’ve decided to move my normal Sunday posting to Monday. It allows me to write about what we do over a weekend while it is still fresh in my head, instead of forgetting to write ti until Saturday night. . . If you hate that idea, let me know. If you love it, also let em know. If you’re completely indifferent, then, well, thanks for stopping by!>


~ by VegansHusband on February 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “Seriously? What the Hell?”

  1. I had a similar experience once in Minnesota. It was about 20 below 0 outside and a semi type truck full of chickens drove by. Each “pen” was full of live chickens piled on top of each other and half of their feathers off with their skin exposed to the terrible temperatures. There were feathers flying everywhere. All I could think about was how cold these poor birds had to be. It was one of the worst things I have ever seen. I am assuming they were on their way to the Gold N’ Plump factory that was near there. I can’t possibly explain the impact that had on me.

  2. I am saddened by what we (people, industry) now view as “normal” when dealing with farmed animals. That chicken scenario is pretty common on the roads here in Texas, except ours are bigger (quadrupeds). America has lost its heart. I hope to one day see her get it back again.

    Came over from Somer’s post. I’ll have to come back when I have more time to check out some of your topics. I see “beer” popping out at me as one of your topics. One of my favs!

    PS – those cupcakes look delicious. I’ve not met a vegan cupcake yet that I didn’t like. Soooo not missing the eggs.

    • That’s wonderful, thanks so much for coming by. I agree that I’m grossed out by the “normal” things that take place. The chicken truck was crazy, and I’ve seen pig trucks, but I don’t know what I would do if I saw a cattle truck…

      I look forward to you coming back! My (proverbial) door is always open.

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