The First Ever Rehoboth Vegfest

Welcome to the first ever Rehoboth Vegfest!

Rehoboth Beach, Rehonoth, Rehoboth Vegfest, Rehoboth Beach Vegfest, Compassion over killing, Vegrehoboth

Well, sort of…

Admittedly, this is not the actual first ever Rehoboth Vegfest, but I was there last weekend, although the Blonde beat me to it by hogging the computer last week, and getting her post out first ;).

We were joined by Jason and Kristin from The High Impact Vegan and Nathanial and Rissa from Baltimore Vegan Drinks.

This was the first time that I ever stayed to listen to some of the speakers, and while I admit that I’m already familiar with a lot of the information that was presented, I was still impressed with the speakers themselves.

Rehoboth Beach, Rehonoth, Rehoboth Vegfest, Rehoboth Beach Vegfest, Compassion over killing, Vegrehoboth

The speakers were both informative. . .


Rehoboth Beach, Rehonoth, Rehoboth Vegfest, Rehoboth Beach Vegfest, Compassion over killing, Vegrehoboth

and entertaining.

My favorite two speakers were the two cooking displays put on by Gretchen Hanson of Hobo’s Restaurant and Ruby Lathon. Admittedly, watching Chef Gretchen battle with her lack of power to the hotplates she was using was amusing, in a slightly sadistic way, but seeing her handle it with grace and aplomb, and no shortage of humor, made me feel bad about how often I get frustrated in the kitchen.

Chef Gretchen Hanson

If you’ve never been to a Vegfest, then all I can say is that you should. They are a boon to any community’s vegan, vegetarians, and veg-curious, and if you can drag an omnivore or two with you, all the better. Neither of you will be disappointed, and it might get the omni to think twice before ordering meat in a restaurant.


According to Wikipedia, a Vegfest “is an annual vegetarian food festival held in numerous locations around the world [that] promote[s] veganism and vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, environmentalism, community spirit and animal rights.” Or, It’s a ton of vegan and vegetarian companies, restaurants, and organizations that have a day to show off how easy and awesome it can be to go vegan.

And, they’re all over the place! No, seriously, one of the Blonde’s bucketlist items is to go to every Vegfest, which is going to be difficult, as more and more vegans equals more and more Vegfests. (BTW, did you know that I encouraged Jason, from Jason and the Veganauts to look into his first Vegfest, where they asked him to be a speaker!) The list is constantly growing, but if you just Google “Vegfest” a bunch come up, and then it’s just a question of digging  and narrowing down your search.

After we finished at the Vegfest, however, a trip to Hobo’s Restaurant was in order.

Hobos, Hobo's, Hbos restaurant, Hobo's Restaurant, Rehoboth, Rehoboth Beach, vegan, vegan delaware, vegan food delaware,

The six of us got a ton of food, and passed it around until we could eat no more. Now, I’d go into more detail, but Chef Gretchen is one of the rare chefs who wants to come out and meet her patrons, and since she had seen us at the Vegfest, we were lucky enough to sit and talk with her for a few minutes, and I was push enough to ask her if she would mind if I interviewed her for the blog, and she said “yes,” which is pretty cool, so stay tuned. . .

All of which to say, we ate a ton, and it was all awesome.

Once we were done stuffing our faces, Nataniel and Rissa had to run, but we four, troopers that we are, decided to go to Dogfish Head’s brewpub, which is right in Rehoboth, and Jason and I split two flights of the beer samplers, and chased with with a bottle of their Immort Ale. This is the reason that I can’t give many more details about things. from that point on. . .

Rehoboth Beach, Rehonoth, Rehoboth Vegfest, Rehoboth Beach Vegfest, Compassion over killing, Vegrehoboth, Dogfish Head, Delaware Beer, Immort Ale, Immortal Ale

We had ‘smores, and relaxed later on, but really, the highlights of the day were Hobo’s and the speakers. The awesomeness that is my first interview makes me really excited, and, separately, more positive feedback on my seitan sausages from Jason and Kristin made me feel pretty good. . .

So, where is your local Vegfest, and have you been there? (P.S. Somer, over at Vedged Out is starting to start to plan the first ever Mountain West Vegfest in Utah. She said so on this very blog.)


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