Beer Wednesday – Uinta Sum’r

Happy Beer Wednesday!

This week, I’m sticking with my insistence on drinking nothing but summer beers until the weather warms up continually. Well, Mother Nature has challenged me, and so the tease of 80 degree weather was followed by rainy 60 degree weather, but I will stand firm until I can’t keep my windows open for fear of melting.

To show her just how little I cared for her attitude, I decided to try an entire six-pack (not all at one) of Uinta Brewing’s organic summer ale, aptly named Sum’r.

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This summer ale was bright, with a smooth, drinkable quality. The complete lack of a head is a little disappointing, but the sweet malt and smooth drinkability tried to make up for it. There were hints of hay and a slight breadiness, but. . . just hints, with maybe a tease of lemon. Maybe.

I would have preferred a hoppier ale, or at least an ale that “tried” a little bit more. I mean, I understand that it is supposed to be refreshing and bright, and it is, but at the end of the day, I’d rather have a richer, hoppier, more full-bodied ale than such an easy-drinking beer.

Again, I get it, at 4% ABV and with just 17 IBUs, it really is an easy drinking beer, and if that’s your thing, go to town.

It’s not really my thing. I’d go 2/5.


~ by VegansHusband on June 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Beer Wednesday – Uinta Sum’r”

  1. Well I like how you tried to stick it to summer by drinking a beer named summer. I think summer just spit back in your face given the review. 😉 I’m so with you in wanting something more substantial in terms of flavor. I don’t want just bitter from the hops though, I want great taste. I would liken it to how I always felt about buffalo sauce. It had to taste good and have heat, not just pound a person with heat.

    • Yeah, Mother Nature scolded me pretty roundly, huh?

      I totally agree about the flavor in a beer. I want the hoppy bitterness, but a good beer matches that with a bright citrus or flavorful spice that tones that bitterness. Other than that, I’d just as soon drink water…

  2. […] drinkable. Compared to other light, easy drinking beers that I’ve reviewed (like Yuengling, Sum’r, Grateful, or Stegmaier’s Pale Ale) this one falls about the same, maybe on the higher end of […]

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