Juicing Reboot – 3 Day

Have you ever tried to reset your head? When school ends every year, I always feel like doing something to give myself a rest. Well, no too long ago, the Blonde and I bought a juicer, a Breville Juice Fountain Crush, and it is a BEAST. This monster will juice potatoes, beets, and to be honest, it would probably press juice out of a stick of wood. But that’s not all! It will juice greens like a boss too. Kale, spinach, wheatgrass. . . You name it.

So, since I wanted to do some kind of a cleanse, I got to pick, and I chose a 3-day juicing reboot courtesy of Joe Cross, from Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  We followed the 3-day Reboot plan courtesy of www.RebootWithJoe.com. Some of the juices were really quite tasty, while others were. . . less so.The “Garden Variety,” which was our first day’s lunch, was pretty good, but the “Green Lemonade” was a little bit more like “random-green-juice” than any lemonade. The plan, however, did make for a pretty good variety of juices. Each day we started with an “orange” juice, drank 16 ounces of coconut water mid-morning before having a green juice for lunch. The rest of the day was a red juice for an afternoon “snack,” a green juice fod dinner, and then one of Joe Cross’ “purple” juices for dessert.

Orange Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

Apples, Carrot, and Ginger made breakfast day two into something to look forward to. The carrot-apple combination was really refreshing.

Green Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

One Green Juice: Kale, Spinach, Apples, Cucumber, and Parsley

Green Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

Before I mixed the Green Juices, they looked a little scary.

Green Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

Wait, let’s not be silly. Green Juice always looks a little scary, even when they taste good, like this Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Parsley combo did.

Purple Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

Joe’s Un-Beet-Able Juice: Beet, Spinach, Carrot, Apple Ginger. This was one of the better juices.

Red Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

Sometimes the color of the juices was amazing. This beet, orange, carrot juice looked better than it tasted, but that was probably my fault. . .

Red Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

The layering as the juice came out of my juicer was really cool to see, and mixing it kind of made me sad. . .

Green Juice, Juice, Juicing, Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse, Juice reboot, Juice Feast

As creepy as it looks, this sweet potato, blueberry, pear and apple juice was really tasty for dessert the first day.

All of this to make clear how I really felt about the reboot. . .

Seem the first day, I was fine. Totally fine. I wasn’t especially hungry, and I didn’t have a headache. Well, maybe a low-grade headache by the end of the day, and I felt much the same on the second day. Not too hungry, not too tired, and in fact, by the end of the second day, I figured could handle day 3 in my sleep.

Day three, however, started badly, the breakfast juice, which I had to make up as I went because we didn’t have enough of the ingredients that were called for, was terrible. Not bad. Terrible. It was bitter and tasted like orange rind. Maybe because I didn’t peel the orange first, but…

Likewise, by the middle of the day, my joints were aching. The only thing that helped was moving, but even that was painful. By the end of the day, I gave up on trying to tough it out and took two Advil. My knees, hips, lower back, and ankles were throbbing, and every movement was painful. The real trick for me was researching why juicing might cause me joint pain.

The answer that I came across a few times, but not often, was that too much sugar in your diet can cause joint pain. Well, there was a fair amount of fruit in my juices, so I skipped the last dessert juice, which was grapes, blueberries, and mint, and by the morning of the day after my cleanse, I felt pretty good. Minimal joint aching, next to no hunger, and I was, admittedly, thrilled to be eating breakfast. I did feel like I could have managed a few more days with how I felt that morning, but. . .

Now the Blonde went through a slightly different order of her feelings. She was pretty miserable for days 2 and 3, but woke up after day 3 and felt like the worst was over, and she coud keep going. Now, our wallets didn’t really allow us to do more than 3 day (abut $120 in organic and non-organic produce for two people for three days) but I can see how it becomes addictive. I felt better, over all, once it was over, and I keep feeling like I did something right, which is kind of the point of a cleanse. . .

Needless to say, if you are gong to juice, be careful. Understand what goes into it, and, like Joe Cross suggests, try to keep your percentages to about 70% veggies, 30% fruits. If you end up having joint pain, like I did, maybe you should up that percentage of veggies to more like 75 or 80%. The next time I do a juice fast, and I’m pretty sure there will be a next time, I’ll try to up my veggie intake.

Have you done a juice cleanse, and if so, what were your experiences like? Let me hear your horror stories and success stories equally.


~ by VegansHusband on July 1, 2013.

6 Responses to “Juicing Reboot – 3 Day”

  1. Thanks for the info 🙂 I’ve been thinking about juicing for a while, but don’t own a juicer. Do you like the brand you have? Seems like it works well for you!

    • I love it. It’s a beast, but we paid for it. Do you have an idea of how much juicing you’ll be doing? Because that will really make the decision for you .

  2. I just started one. It will be interesting to see how it goes! Thanks for the heads up with the joint pain!

  3. I love that you documented this 3 day cleanse….did you or “Blondie” lose any significant weight after this?

    • To be honest, I think we both lost a little bit, but we weren’t trying to focus on that. We do something every year as a cleanse just to reset our bodies. Take a look at my post “My week of raw… and sick” to see the other cleanse, and thanks for commenting.

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