Beer Wednesday – O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale

Happy Beer Wednesday! This week I’m happy to be reviewing an Irish beer that is vegan. I’ve been looking for a quality Irish beer after I found out that Guinness uses isinglass in its fining process.

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My phone refused to save a pic of this beer for me, but this image from Google is pretty reflective of my experience. Minus the rice and beans. . .

O’Hara’s IPA, that’s Irish Pale Ale, was better than I expected. The hoppy, citrus burst that I expected to be a little overpowering was rich and smooth, with an almost peaty freshness.

The nose was bright and fresh, and the flavor was just the way one would want an IPA to taste. In general, I think that I really like this beer. At 5.2% ABV, O’Hara’s IPA makes for a solid session beer, and one that will appeal to all hop lovers as well as to those looking for just a little bite. The head was full and didn’t fade too quickly, although there was little to no lacing left on the glass, but overall, I quite enjoyed this beer.

I’m happy to give this vegan beer a 4/6 on my six-pack scale.


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~ by VegansHusband on July 31, 2013.

6 Responses to “Beer Wednesday – O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale”

  1. Holy crap, I had no idea about isinglass! And now I have a new vegetarian friend, Jesse, who loves Irish car bombs and I’ve just peed into his Cheerios with this news. Can you recommend a resource to decipher which beers are vegetarian or vegan and esp. Recommend an vegetarian stout?

  2. So I like ale, I like Hops, I like Irish beers, this seems like its going to be a good beer for me to give a go with if I can find it. Thanks. Your rice and beans looks like a tasty side as well.

    • Yeah, I was really happy with this beer, especially after I realized that it would easily fill my Irish needs. What did you have for IPA Day?

      • To be honest nothing. I learned of IPA day about an hour ago and was too busy drinking my tea to switch to beer. Oh well, I’ll celebrate on my own later. I have plenty of IPAs to go around.

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