Peacable Kingdom – Film Review

Last week, the Blonde and I went to Great Sage for a free screening of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home.

Now, I’m not a huge documentary guy, although I’ve seen the big ones: Food, Inc.; Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; Vegucated; Forks Over Knives. This one, well, I’ll admit I wasn’t really thrilled about going, but it was free, and it seemed like it could be fun, and so, what the hell. . .

As it turns out, I really enjoyed it. It was deeply saddening, truly lovely, heartfelt, touching, and extremely moving at many points. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that i decided to live-tweet it while I was watching, using the #PeacableKingdom on Twitter. (Don’t worry, I was a good audience member, I kept my phone down and sat in the back.)

The film started with touching moments about a farm animal sanctuary in western Pennsylvania, and the story of a horrific rescue situation that ultimately ended in the love of two sheep who practically became pets of the owners.

Interwoven throughout the film are other stories. A farmer, Harold Brown, who was raised on a beef farm in Michigan, tells his story in vignettes that very clearly present the pain that people who kill animals for a living must learn to subsume, hide, and ultimately, internalize, before they can live in a society that causes death on a massive scale every day.

Howard and Willow Jeane Lyman, who you may recognize from Vegucated and Mad Cowboy, tell their story of being a major cattle producer, and the familial pain that that terrible life caused for both, as well as the deep sickness that Howard struggled through, and how he eventually came to realize the power of life over death.

Jim and Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis tell their heart-breaking story of converting a cow dairy farm into a goat-dairy farm, and finally into a goat sanctuary. When they realize that they do not have to kill animals to have a financial future, floodgates open for the loss that they have suffered.

Humane Police Officer Cayce Mell and Jason Tracy run the animal sanctuary that starts the film, and Cayce tells of her journey of becoming a humane officer, and the training that they have to go through, while she returns every night to see the joy that they rescued animals like Devlin the sheep from.

The film itself is lovely. It is impressively made, and heartfelt. You can find screenings near you by visiting their webpage here, or visit the Peaceable Kingdom homepage and contact them to arrange one near you, and then, tell me what you thought of it!


~ by VegansHusband on September 2, 2013.

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