Beer Wednesday – Stegmaier White Ale

Happy Beer Wednesday!

I’m continuing my rviews of the three-dollar twelve pack of vegan beer I bought not too long ago. I reviewed the Stegmaier Amber Lager last week, and I’m happy to review their White Ale this week.

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This particular beer was, while vegan, which always makes me happy, a little “beer-y,” for lack of a better term, for my taste. I know my concern wasn’t the hops, as I love hoppy beers, and I don’t think the flavor that disappointed me was the malt, because I like a good, rich malty ale. Neither was really present in this beer. Instead I think there was a poor balance, because the flavors were pretty muddled, and the beer left a light film on the finish, even with the light citrus notes in the nose and at the front of the beer. That citrus was the only real indication of hops.

As you can see in the picture, there wasn’t much in the way of head on the beer, and the lacing was just about as non-existent. I’m starting to wonder if the twelve-pack was so old, that that’s why I got it for just three bucks. . .

I had been hoping for really solid, and I got mediocre, two weeks in a row. Because of that, the Stegmaier White Ale gets a 3/6 on my six-pack scale, just like the Amber Lager.

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~ by VegansHusband on October 23, 2013.

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