Baseball Book Review – Calico Joe

Recently I visited my mother in New Jersey, and stumbled across a John Grisham book that she had sitting around, “Calico Joe.”

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This short novel was a story about hope, promise, revenge, and redemption. Oh, amd baseball. You know I love baseball, and this book was an easy enough read that I polished it off in a weekend.

As a book about baseball, “Calico Joe” fell a bit short, but as a book, I was really happy to have it. On this, the second full unofficial week of summer, if you need something light but still a good read, I can’t give this a higher recommendation. It’s touching but not sappy, amd worth every page.

I may even start reading some other John Grisham. Have you read any Grisham? What’s your say on him?


~ by VegansHusband on June 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “Baseball Book Review – Calico Joe”

  1. I also enjoyed that book. Definitely redemption at its core. I like his books, but your thoughts on him are fairly spot on. Always pretty good but not spectacular. Easy reads. I really enjoyed playing for pizza.

    • I may head back to some of his other novels for a little “TV reading” this summer. Playing for Pizza, you say? I’ll do a little digging. Thanks,

  2. I know what you mean about this only being peripherally about baseball. Still, I really liked it. John Grisham’s other sports books–Bleachers and Playing for Pizza–both deal with football but like Calico Joe, the human drama is more front and center than the games. That “reunion” scene toward the end of Calico Joe was especially well-written.

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